Chocolate soulfood as a souvenir

To bring this soul to life is the task of Pott au Chocolat with locations in Frankfurt and Dortmund. On Valentines day 2008 the architect Marie-Luise Langehenke opened together with her husband Manfred Glatzel their first shop. As chef and patissier is Manfred Glatzel responsible for the production of chocolates, chocolate creams, liqueurs, macarons and ice cream. Meanwhile the team has grown to more than 15 employees to meet even the most special demands of our customers. If you are really curious you can watch how the production works through a transparent window at Dortmund, Kaiserstraße 61. In 2017 Pott au Chocolat opened a subsidiary in Frankfurt where you can buy wonderful tasty souvernirs made of the best chocolates and ingredients– such as regional sites printed on chocolates like the Frankfurter Römer, the bourse, the Opera or the skyline of Frankfurt.

Source: Pott au Chocolat