Frankfurt BrauStil

Bread beer, craft beer and the joy of beer

On the initiative of the ShoutOutLoud association, the BrauStil and Brewids breweries got together a while back to brew the first beer anywhere in Germany to be made partly with old bread. Bread discarded by bakeries replaces some of the malt required by the brewing process. It was in the quest for a tasty ‚zero-waste‘ beverage that this amber coloured speciality beer brewed with wholemeal bread and called „Knärzje“ was born.

BrauStil is a glass-lined brewery in Frankfurt‘s North End, not far from the city centre, producing high quality craft beers made predominantly from organic ingredients. The varieties on offer, which are constantly changing and represent not only German but also international styles, are attracting an enthusiastic clientele from way beyond the city limits.

The BrauStil brewery, shop and bar with a covered outdoor garden is in Frankfurt, Oeder Weg. Here you can not only enjoy beer specialities but also book interesting events (see website or write an e-mail for information in English).

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